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ADATA Uv150 64gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The UV128 is conveniently designed with a strap hole so that one can easily loop a string through and connect to a keychain or a mobile phone.

Buds F9 TWS

$18 $12
កាស Bluetooth ស៊េរីថ្មី 2021 Brand F9 រូបរាងស្អាតគួរឲចាប់អារម្មណ៍ ស្តាប់បានយូ មានស្កែនក្រញាំដៃបញ្ជារលើកកាស ហើយអាចសាកថ្មទូរស័ព្ទបានថែមទៀតផងវាពិតជាពិសេសណាស់សម្រាប់កាសសេរីថ្មីនេះ 🎧🎵❤️
តម្លៃ​ត្រឹម​តែ​ 12$

Gen Slim for woman

សម្រាប់​អ្នកចង់រក្សារាង​ ក្រោយ​សម្រាល​កូន​ ល្អប្រេីណាស់​ អាចប្រេីបានចាប់ពី​45kg 65kg 1=8$ 2=12$

Mini Smart Camera

  • Security camera can rotate 360 ​​degrees and mix!
  • Can communicate by phone and camera
  • Clear night vision (colored night vision)
  • Can be connected directly to the camera, no need to use Wi-Fi (APS)
  • Can connect via internet, Wi-Fi or network cable
  • Water and dust protection (water and dust protection)

Power Bank 15000 mAh

18W Two-way Quick Charge | Multi-device Quick Charge | Dual Output Ports (USB-A & USB-C) | 13-Layer Circuit Protection

Sound Card V8

$45 $30
Specification: Battery: lithium ion rechargeable battery Material: Metal Color: Black Product size: 125x105x25mm/4.92x4.13x0.98 Product type: Microphones

Wine bottle lantern

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